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Welcome to the Metro Denver IDC

The Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee is a non-profit organization comprised of attorneys, mental health professionals, mediators and community service organizations focused on family law issues.

Board of Directors 2018-2019

Alexandra Smits, JD
Vice President/Programs
Samantha Rutsky, JD
Gene Gross, Psy.D
Elizabeth Bonanno
Past President
Kate M. Lewis, JD
Armand Lebovits, LCSW, CAC III
David Littman, JD
Gil Milburn-Westfall, Psy.D
Diana Powell, JD
Natalie Simpson, JD
Kerry Stutzman, LMFT
Sue Waters, LPC
Kimberly Utesch, JD
Auxiliary Members
Patrick Jansen, CDFA

MDIC Board Officers History

President – Alexandra Smits, JD
Vice President – Samantha Rutsky, JD
Secretary – Gene Gross, PsyD
Treasurer – Elizabeth Bonanno, JD

President – Kate M. Lewis, JD
Vice President – Alexandra Smits, JD
Secretary – Samantha Rutsky, JD
Treasurer – Gene Gross, PsyD

President – Courtney McConomy, JD
Vice President – Kate M. Lewis, JD
Secretary – Alexandra Smits, JD
Treasurer – Samantha Rutsky, JD

President – Courtney Leathers, JD
Vice President – Courtney McConomy, JD
Secretary – Kate M. Lewis, JD
Treasurer – Alexandra Smits, JD

President – Kristi Hoben, JD
Vice President – Courtney Leathers, JD
Secretary – Courtney McConomy, JD
Treasurer – Kate M. Lewis, JD

President – Nancy Perry, LCSW
Vice president – Kristi Hoben, JD
Secretary – Courtney Leathers, JD
Treasurer – Courtney McConomy, JD

President – Tina Patierno, JD
Vice President – Nancy Perry, LCSW
Secretary – Kristi Hoben, JD
Treasurer – Courtney Leathers, JD

2011 – 2012
President – Terri Harrington, JD
Vice President – Tina Patierno, JD
Secretary – Nancy Perry, LCSW
Treasurer – Kristi Hoben, JD

President – Julie Van Heyningen, Psy.D
Vice President – Terri Harrington, JD
Secretary – Tina Patierno, JD
Treasurer – Katie Killian

President – Megan Combs, JD
Vice President – Julie Van Heyningen, Psy.D
Secretary – Terri Harrington, JD
Treasurer – Tina Patierno, JD

President – Marian Camden, Psy.D
Vice President – Megan Combs, JD
Secretary – Julie Van Heyningen, Psy.D
Treasurer – Terri Harrington, JD

President – Susan Elkins, JD
Vice President – Marian Camden, Psy.D
Secretary – Megan Combs, JD
Treasurer – Julie Van Heyningen, Psy.D

President – Kathy Henken, Psy.D
Vice President – Susan Elkins, JD
Secretary – Marian Camden, Psy.D
Treasurer – Megan Combs, JD

President – Lisa Perry, JD
Vice President – Kathy Henken, Psy.D
Secretary – Susan Elkins, JD
Treasurer – Marian Camden, Psy.D

President – John Rymers, LPC, CACIII
Vice President- Lisa Perry, JD
Secretary – Kathy Henken, Psy.D
Treasurer – Susan Elkins, JD

President- Beth Henson, JD
Vice President – John Rymers, LPC, CACIII
Secretary – Lisa Perry, JD
Treasurer – Kathy Henken, Psy.D

President – Tim Mehrtens, JD
Vice President – Beth Henson, JD
Secretary – John Rymers, LPC, CACIII
Treasurer – Lisa Perry, JD

President – Kevin Albert, Psy.D
Vice President – Timothy Mehrtens, JD
Secretary – Linda Chamberlain, Psy.D
Treasurer – Beth Henson, JD

President – Helen Shreves, JD
Vice President – Kevin Albert, Psy.D
Secretary – Timothy Mehrtens, JD
Treasurer –Linda Chamberlain, Psy.D

President – Christa Geyer
Vice President – Helen Shreves, JD
Secretary – Kevin Albert, Psy.D
Treasurer – Timothy Mehrtens, JD

Past Presidents
Frances C. Fontana, JD
James A. Kline, Ph.D
Joan McWilliams, JD
Marie Handel, MD
Albert M. Bonin, JD
E. Robert LaCrosse, Ph.D
Jean E. LaCrosse, Ph.D
Daniel J. Mosley, Ed.D
Parker Oborn, Ph.D
Mary Jane Truesdell Cox, JD


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Guest Luncheon Payment

Are you a guest and would like to join us for the next MDIC Luncheon? Please complete your payment below via Paypal.

To make your payment by check
Please mail your check to:
MDIC Assistant
9457 S. University Blvd. PMB #716
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Luncheon Information

Wellshire Event Center
3333 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222

First Tuesday of the Month
September through June
11:30am - 1:00pm
Networking: 11:30am to Noon
Lunch and Speaker: Noon - 1:00pm

$26 in advance MDIC Members
$30 at the door MDIC Members with advance registration
$30 Non MDIC Members ** Non-MDIC members must attend the luncheon with a current MDIC Member **
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