20 Hour Training to Meet HB 23-1178 Requirements for CFI, PRE, and CLR

October 9 and 10, and October 16 and 17

Presenter: Shawn Wygant, MA, TLLP The Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIDC) and PsyLaw.net, PLLC

The Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIDC) and PsyLaw.net, PLLC are presenting a 20 hour training seminar on Child Abuse & Domestic Violence that will meet the educational requirements of HB 23-1178

Participants will be able to attend the entire 20-hour training, or can attend either the 10-hour Child Abuse module or the 10-hour Domestic Violence module

Cost: $250 for all 20 hours, $150 for 10 hours of Domestic Violence training, $150 for 10 hours of Child Abuse training

This training is specifically designed to meet all of the requirements of HB 1178.  It will be presented in 4 five-hour days

            Day 1: Child abuse – Part 1 (5 hours)

            Day 2: Child abuse – Part 2 (5 hours)

            Day 3: Domestic Violence – Part 1 (5 hours)

            Day 4: Domestic Violence – Part 2 (5 hours)

When:  Monday and Tuesday October 9 & 10 (Child Abuse) and October 16 & 17 (Domestic Violence).

Each day will from 9 to 3, broken up as follows:

9 to 10:30 – 15 minute break

10:45 to noon – 30 minute break for lunch

12:30 to 1:45 – 15 min break

2 to 3 pm.

Participants can attend some or all of the days at their convenience after these dates via recordings of the live presentations.

Certificates of Completion will be provided for participants to file with the SCAO.

To register, please go to this site  https://psychlaw.net/shop/   There is a phone number and email link there for questions about the training or registration.  You can also send questions to swolh@comcast.net.

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